Nirbhaya gets justice and convicts hanged

Nirbhaya gets justice and convicts hanged
Image by Kayla Aguiar from Pixabay 

The final verdict of the Nirbhaya case that shook the entire nation.

All the four convicts of Nirbhaya have been hanged. this is the victory of nirbhaya's parents who fight for their dughter for so long. After 7 years, 3 months and 3 days, the culprits finally got their punishment on 20th march 2020 at early morning by 5:30am. The culprits had used all the legal options. Even after getting the death warrent 3 times, the culprits and his lawyer continued to misguide the court by using the all legal aspect. The President had also rejected the mercy plea and curative petition of the convicts, Nevertheless, the lawyer of the convicts, Mr A P Singh, tried aeverything possible to avoid hanging by resorting to law. But according to Indian law, they had to be hanged due to being a rare of the rarest case. 

On December 16, 2012, six people had committed heinous crime with 23 year old paramedical student Nirbhaya when she was returning home after watching a movie with his friend. Nirbhaya, who is looking for an auto to go ahead from Muniraka, got into a bus when a private bus asked him to reach her destination. There were already 6 people in the bus, which Nirbhaya considered a passenger. As soon as she sat in the bus, they started teasing her and his friend. When Nirbhaya's friend tried to protest, he was beaten up  and he fell unconscious due to an injury to the head with an iron rod. then they dragged Nirbhaya to the back seat of the bus and in turn everyone raped her. Nirbhaya was not only raped in the moving bus but also tortured brutally. After doing so, they also tried to crush them both by throwing them both on a deserted place. After committing the crime, they cleaned the bus with the clothes of Nirbhaya and his friend and then burnt the clothes. After distributing the stolen goods, the accused went to their respective homes.

After doing so, he also tried to crush them by throwing them on a deserted place. On the cold night of December 16, both of them stayed on the roadside without clothes. Nirbhaya's friend kept shouting for help but many autos and cars passed by but no one helped. Then a kind hearted passerby called the police and they were rushed to the safadarjung  hospital. Seeing Nirbhaya, the doctors were also severely shocked as his body was severely injured like hell. The internal injury was too much, The blood was drained, Body was scratched all over, and it was bled and the intestines also came out from her body. Her family reached hospital and doctors started the operation with permission from her parents. The doctor who was treating Nirbhaya also said that he did not see so bad in his life with anyone. intestine was badly damaged. After this news came in the media, the public came out on the roads. Candle march happens in support of Nirbhaya. People raised slogans for the arrest and punishment of the culprits. After Nirbhaya's health deteriorated badly in the hospital, she was taken to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore but she lost the battle of life. Nirbhaya died 13 days after the incident. 

The culprits were caught by the police from their house, in which one Ram Singh committed suicide by hanging himself in jail. one was a minor who was released after 3 years of juvenile custody. The case continued on the remaining four convicts Vinay Sharma(25 year), Pawan Gupta(23 year), Akshay Thakur(31 year) and Mukesh Singh(32 year). Mukesh and Ram Singh were brothers. Ram Singh was the bus driver where Mukesh Singh was the bus cleaner. they both belongs to rajasthan. Vinay Sharma was a fitness trainer by profession who lived in Delhi with family. Pawan Gupta a fruit sellar lived in Delhi with his family and used to sell fruits. Akshay Thakur was a resident of Bihar who was married and had a son. He used to work living in Delhi. 

Due to these culprits, their family members also suffered a lot. His lawyer A P Singh tried his best to avoid his execution and to get his death sentence converted to life imprisonment, but he was disappointed by the court. Nirbhaya's mother mrs aasha devi struggled for 7 years To bring justice to the daughter. He played a very important role in getting the convicts from lower court to the Supreme Court. After playing many legal claims, A P Singh went to the Supreme Court at midnight to stop the execution, but the judge kept the verdict intact. And after a long legal battle of 7 years, finally Nirbhaya's killers got hanged. On March 20, all four convicts were hanged together in tihar jail(delhi). And after postmortem of their body will be handed over to their family members so they can cremate them with their own religious view.

There is an atmosphere of happiness in the entire nation from the hanging of the culprits. This leads to a message in the society that there may be delay in getting justice, but there is definitely justice. It is expected that such incidents will not happen in the society now. Nirbhaya is no longer with us, but even after leaving, he gave a message to the society that bad work is treated very badly. 

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