Easiest ways to get rid of the stubborn colors of Holi.

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in this post i am going to tell you about some remedies of removing colours from skin.
you can read my another post of this remedy if you want in hindi language.

Try these methods this Holi and get rid of harmful stubborn colours.

The more excited everyone is before playing Holi, the more trouble there is in getting the colors of Holi out. Raw colors are easily removed, but colours which is made with chemicals are very difficult to remove.

Use moisturizer and lotion

how to remove holi colour from your skin and hairs in 2020
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To avoid any damage to your skin with harmful colours, you should apply a good company moisturizer or lotion to your face and whole body. If you use sunscreen, take SPF 20 or 25. It acts as a protective shield on your skin and prevents harmful chemicals from entering the skin. It protects the skin from darker colours. After playing Holi, wash it easily with cold water and apply any face pack, your skin will remain soft and shiny as before.

Apply coconut oil to hair

how to remove holi colour from your skin and hairs in 2020
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 Before going to play Holi, apply coconut oil in your hair. You can apply olive oil or any oil of your choice. Oil will give your hair a smoothness, so that any color effect will not harm your hair. After playing Holi, wash your hair with any shampoo, your hair will remain soft.

Lip balm and nail polish

how to remove holi colour from your skin and hairs in 2020
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Before playing Holi, you should apply balm of a good company on your lips. The skin of the lips is very delicate which can be affected with chemical dyes. The balm layer protects your lips from the harmful effects of colors.

Applying nail polish is as important as lip balm. The deep colors of Holi spoil the beauty of your nails. These colors do not go away for several days and they also look ugly. Apply 2-3 layers of good company nail polish on your nails. This will not add color to your nails and will look beautiful.

Gram flour, curd and rose

If your face has a solid color and it is difficult to get out, then you can make a paste by mixing two spoons of gram flour, one spoon of curd and one spoon of rose water in a bowl. Now leave this paste on your entire face. When it dries lightly, rub it with light hands. Now wash your face with cold water. All your colors will come out.

Lemon and vinegar
Lemon naturally has antiseptic properties. It is also very useful in bleaching the skin. Cut the lemon and spread the juice of lemon with on the coloured area, then wash it off with cold water.

Keep in mind that if you have problems with acne, do not apply lemon juice at all. Apply it on the face after mixing it with curd or health

Honey and Glycerin

how to remove holi colour from your skin and hairs in 2020
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If your skin is damaged by chemical dyes, then you can do these remedies. Mix equal amount of honey and glycerin. Now apply it on your hands, feet and face. After some time when it starts to dry, wash it with cold water. You will find your skin soft and shiny.

Multani soil and rose water

 Multani soil is very useful for people who have allergy problems. In a bowl, make a paste by taking multani mitti and rose water. Apply this paste on the face and if it starts to dry a little, then wash it with cold water. It repairs the skin damaged by colors. Colour burns are also very effective in working. Multani soils provide coolness to the skin.

Do not use soap and scrubbers

Do not use soap and scrubbers at all to get rid of dyes. It can damage your skin even more. Soap also contains chemicals. If you want to apply soap, then use any soap that is chemical free. Otherwise you should use gram flour and curd instead of soap. Do not remove the colors at all by rubbing with a scrubber. This can damage your skin.

Use cold water

how to remove holi colour from your skin and hairs in 2020
image by pexels

 After playing Holi, use only cold water to drain and bathe the colors. Do not take bath at all with hot water. Rub the dyes gently by rubbing them.

Do not use bleach

Do not use bleach present in the market to recover from the bright colours of Holi. They contain harmful chemicals. The chemicals present in the colors and the chemicals present in bleach can damage your skin.

You can enjoy these colors by adopting all these things without worrying about this Holi. Hope you like this post of mine. You should share these posts with friends and loved ones and make their Holi memorable as well.

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Happy Holi to all of you

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