coronavirus update: 753 positive with covid-19 and 18 deceased in india

coronavirus affected places in india and numbers of  affected people.

Corona virus has affected 27 districts of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completely demolished all the states of India, Despite this the number of covid-19 patients in the country is continuously increasing. total corona positive cases in india reach by 753. in which 67 are recovered and 18 died. rest 668 cases are in isolation whose treatment is going on. Let's take a look at the districts affected by this -

  • At present, KERALA is in the forefront of covid-19 affected areas. there are 137 confirmed coronavirus cases in which 11 people are recovered and Treatment of 126 patients is going on.

  • MAHARASHTRA - 135 confirmed cases in which 15 recovered and 4 deceased. rest 116 are in under treatment. 5 new positive cases identified today.

  • KARNATAKA - 55 covid-19 positive case in which 3 are recovered and 2 deceased. rest 50 are in isolation and treatment is going on.

  • RAJASTHAN - 45 corona positive in which 2 new case identified today. 42 are in isolation and 3 cases are recovered.

  • TELANGANA - 45 corona positive in which 1 is recovered and treatment of 44 cases are going on.

  •  GUJARAT - 3 people died due to covid-19 in which 41 are in isolation and treatment is going on. total 44 are corona positive case in rajasthan so far.

  • UTTAR PRADESH - 42 corona positive cases so far in which 11 are recovered and 31 patients are undergoing treatment.

  • DELHI - Total 39 corona positive cases in Delhi, in which 6 have been recovered and 1 has died. 32 patients are under treatment.

  • TAMILNADU - 35 Corona cases have been found so far, in which 6 cases have been verified today. There was 1 death in which 1 Recovered, while the remaining 33 treatment was going on.

  • PUNJAB - 33 positive corona cases in which 1 deceased and remainig 32 are in under treatment. 

  • HARYANA -  in haryana, 32 cases so far in which 11 recovered and rest 21 are in under treatment.

  • MADHYA PRADESH - 21 identified with corona positive in which 1 new case is confirmed today and 2 case deceased and 19 are in under observation.

  • JAMMU AND KASHMIR - 14  confirmed cases in which 1 is recovered and 1 deceased. 12 cases are in under treatment.

  • LADAKH. - 13 total confirn corona positive in which 3 recovered and 10 are in under isolation.

  • ANDHRA PRADESH - 1 new positive case identify today and the total number of corona positive is 12 in which 1 is recovered and 11 are in under treatment.

  • WEST BENGAL -  10 confirmed corona positive case in which 9 cases are under treatment  and 1 deceased. 

  • BIHAR - 2 new corona positive identified today and the total number is 9 in which 1 deceased and 8 are in under observation.

  • CHANDIGARH - 7 corona positive cases so far and all the 7 are in isolation.

  • CHHATTISGARH - total 6 corona positive case identified and are in under treatment.

  • UTTARAKHAND - 5 corona positive cases are there idetified and all are in under treatment.

  • GOA - 3 corona cases so far and are in under observation.

  • HIMACHAL PRADESH - 3 corona positive case are in himachal pradesh in which 1 deceased and 2 are in isolation and treatment is going on.

  • ODISHA - 3 cases of corona positive so far and all 3 are in isolation under treatment.

  • ANDAMAAN AND NICOBAR - 2 case corona positive case so far in which 1 identified today.and both of them in under treatment.

  • PUDUCHERRY - there is only 1 corona positive case and treatment is going on. 

  • MIZORAM -  1 corona positive case is there who is isolated and treatment is going on.

  • MANIPUR - 1 corona positive case so far and the treatment is going on.

This virus has created panic in the whole world, in which the most devastation has occurred in the United States of America so far.The number of people affected by it in the whole world is 5,37,432.The death toll from Corona virus is 24,136.

The figure of the affected people can decrease and increase over time.

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