coronavirus positive case has reached 107 in india || figures of affected people from coronavirus in india

coronavirus positive case has reached 107 in india || figures of affected people from coronavirus in india
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The number of people killed in India from coronavirus is 2 while the number of people affected by this has increased to 107.

Along with creating havoc all over the world, coronavirus took the lives of 2 people in India too. covid-19 cases are increasing continuously in the country While our government is fully prepared to deal with it. 

First death in india from coronavirus

the first death due to coronavirus in india happened in karnataka.  76 years old man from karnataka visited to saudi arabia from 29th january 2020 to 29th february 2020. he reached india on 29th february at hyderabad and went kalaburgi(karnataka) his place. he was patient of hypertension and asthama. After coming back, he had trouble breathing. He also complained of cough and pneumonia. He got his private doctor treated for improvement at his home. Seeing the situation not improving, he was admitted to a private hospital in Kalburgi. Initial tests at the hospital found him suspicious of coronavirus. Isolation wards have been made in GIMS(gulmarg institute of medical sciences and hospital) for coronavirus suspects where patients should be kept separated from others.his family members were coming to get him admitted in GIMS but the man died on his way to GIMS Hospital.

Second death in India from coronavirus

the second death due to coronavirus in india happened in delhi a 68 year old lady. The woman was infected with coronavirus after coming in contact with her son. His son returned from a trip to Italy and Switzerland. there was a complaint of fever but his son kept ignoring it for 2 weeks. meanwhile he kept getting in touch with his near and dear ones. coronavirus was found positive when he got his test done after deteriorating health. He is currently admitted to Ram manohar lohiya Hospital in Delhi. 
his mother was a case of diabetes and hypertension. He was admitted to RML Hospital after complaining of cold and fever on 7th march. All her tests were done on 8th March. she was also found coronavirus positive. Due to breathing problem, she was kept in the ICU. After the condition worsened, she had to put on ventilator. But she died on 13th March.

Figures of people suffering from coronavirus in the states of India

  • MAHARASTRA-- 33 confirmed covid-9 cases.
  • UTTAR PRADESH -- 13 infected in which 1 is foreigner and 5 patient are cured.
  • HARYANA -- 14 foreign peoples are infected and Treatment is going on.
  • KERALA-- 24 people infected in whih 1 is foreigner and 3 are cured.
  • KARNATAKA-- 7 cases are there in which 1 is died due to covid-19. this is the first death in india due to coronavirus.
  • DELHI-- 7 cases found in delhi where 1 is cured and 1 is died. 
  • TELANGANA-- 3 confirmed case.
  • RAJASTHAN-- 4 positive cases in which 2 are foreigner and 1 is cured.
  • JAMMU and KASHMIR-- 2 confirmed case.
  • LADAKH-- 3 positive cases.
  • TAMILNADU-- 1 positive case.
  • PUNJAB-- 1 confirmed case.
  • UTTARAKHAND-- 1 confirmed case.
  • ANDHRA PRADESH-- 1 confirmed case.

In view of the present situation, the government of india has decided to close all school colleges and multiplexes. coronavirus has deeply influenced our life. 234 people trapped in Iran brought to India Where they all kept in isolation camp.India has sealed Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh borders. delhi, haryana, uttarakhand and gujrat declared it epidemic. People are constantly being made aware to avoid getting in touch with covid-19. Public transport like buses and trains in india is being sanitized. Public events are being canceled.
Consult a doctor if you have fever, cold and sore throat. these symptoms can be normal flu also but Consult if you see these symptoms more than 2 days. 

coronavirus positive case has reached 107 in india || figures of affected people from coronavirus in india
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By taking care of few things, you can also avoid the chances of coronavirus. try avoid travel abroad if no emergency. use mask on public places. avoid in contact with the suspects. use sanitizer. wash your hand with soap.stay safe.

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