coronavirus knocked in India after making panic all over the world

Our Health Minister HarshVardhan has released an update regarding coronavirus, based on which the number of people infected with coronavirus in our country India so far is 28.

21 tourists from Italy to India were tested at the airport, in which 15 tourists have been found to be coronavirus positive. They have been kept in isolation in the camp of itbp and are being treated.

CORONAVIRUS IN INDIA || what is coronavirus || how does it spread
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coronavirus started from Wuhan in China, knocked a month before in India.

First patient was seen in Kerala. Initially 3 men were suspected in Kerala and samples were taken for testing. Samples came back positive and treatment was started by keeping them in isolation. they were discharged after complete recovery.

 The present case is of Delhi. A man from Delhi traveled to Italy and came to India. Screening at the airport showed no symptoms. He organized a birthday party in his house, in which about 25 people including friends, children and relatives attended.
After the party was over, everyone returned home. When the man underwent an examination after a cold, he was found to be coronavirus positive. Soon all the people who joined the party were tested, in which 6 more people were found to be infected.
The school where the man's child studies is also closed. Later the whole school was sanitized so that it would not spread to other children.

almost 3000 people have died in the whole world and thousands have been infected. This series started from China, And now it has reached the rest of the world.The most cases were seen in South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy.
Looking at the possibility of its spread in India, the Indian Government has issued a new travel advisory. Indian Govt has banned visas for Italy, Iran, Japan and South Korea. arrival of any passenger from china is not allowed.

what is coronavirus

coronavirus is not a virus,but it is a family of viruses. The exact source of coronavirus is yet to be ascertained but "bat" is known as the main source .
coronavirus is named covid-19 (Novel coronavirus).

CORONAVIRUS IN INDIA || what is coronavirus || how does it spread
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symptoms of coronavirus

Symptoms of coronavirus are as common as normal flu. So it is difficult to identify it.
  • Cough & Cold
  •  fever
  •  headache
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
If anyone sees these symptoms then it is not necessary to have coronavirus. It can also be common flu. You can get a lab test done if have any doubt.
incubation period of coronavirus have a duration of 2-11 days. A laboratory test is required to identify it.

coronavirus spreads quickly from one person to another if one is infected. This virus gets into the air, which enters our body through respiration.

CORONAVIRUS IN INDIA || what is coronavirus || how does it spread
Image by Vektor Kunst iXimus from Pixabay 

how to avoid coronavirus(prevention)

  • use hanky while sneezing
  • use mask in public places
  • wash your hands with soap or handwash
  • as far as possible avoid to go in public places
  • avoid eating chicken and mutton

No need to panic with coronavirus. This virus affects those people whose immunity power is weak. Recovery from this depends on your immune system. Most of the people who died of coronavirus were already in the grip of some diseases. You can protect yourself by follow its prevention.coronavirus cannot survive more in high try to avoid visiting low temp safe.

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